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November 25, 2015


How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement and Make Money From It

Facebook is great. There are over a billion people active and spending around an hour a day on Facebook. I’ve talked about investing in building likes to a page. This is a prediction: I think Facebook will eventually become more important to most businesses than Google. I’m sure that will require a future blog post, […]


Facebook Marketing Explained Simply and to the Point

Almost every adult with a computer in the US is on Facebook. People spend an average of 10 hours a month on Facebook talking about their lives, their hobbies and passions. This is what Facebook was originally made for. It tried to bring the social experience of the real world to the Internet. In the […]


A Map of How to Find Ideas for Making Money with T-shirts on Facebook

This post is worth money to you. I’m going to show you how to find surefire winning t-shirt designs and the niches to sell those shirts to. I’m going to show you how people are promoting their shirts on Facebook and how you can do the same and make boatloads of money doing it. Do […]

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$83,283.03 In Profits From Selling T-Shirts on Facebook Within 43 Days (Inspired Yet?)

This is an image from someone in the Facebook marketing mastermind group that I’m a part of. I’m copying it here to inspire you and show you the potential of what you can do with a Facebook fan page. Listen to me, this is JUST THE BEGINNING. This is a huge, untapped market with literally […]


A Facebook Fan Page is an Asset Here’s Why

I’ve been doing some heavy duty Facebook marketing lately. Let me tell you, if you’re a reader of this blog, you’re a lucky person. There are very few people right now who really know how to market on Facebook. Look at this crazy image below. It was taken today (8 September 2013). Let me explain […]


Facebook Marketing (and Selling T-shirts!) – Building a Page vs Direct Advertising

There’s some amazing stuff happening now in Facebook marketing. I’m part of small, private Facebook marketing mastermind group where basically people share their successes and sometimes share how they did it. You know, we’re all trying to pay the bills marketing online so as much as we want to help each other out, we also […]


Facebook T-shirt Sales: $1600 (Passive Income on Facebook)

Here’s an update on my Facebook t-shirt adventure.  My first successful t-shirt campaign ended today. I made $1600 in sales, $740 in profits. I spent $150 on advertising so my total profit was $590. I did this without a fanpage, advertising directly to the buyers using the method I taught in this previous post. You […]


Selling T-shirts on Facebook Works!

After experimenting with different niches, I can tell you that selling t-shirts on Facebook works. I’ve mentioned in a previous post what I’ve done and the different niches I’ve tried. Right now I have 3 days left on my campaign (I extended the campaign because people asked for it!) and I’ve sold 75 shirts. The […]


How I Make My Facebook Ads for Selling T-shirts

This is a follow up on my previous post. I’ve changed the format of the page so all of the images will appear. One of the readers of this blog, Sam Wright, asked “Are your ads simply just pictures of the tshirt with the price?” I figured I would clarify by showing you how I […]


Experiments In Making Money on Facebook Update

I have about 200 people a day reading this blog. Thank you. I have limited time so I always debate with myself what’s the best topic to write about. If you’re new to this blog or not clear what it’s about (besides making money online!), lately my focus has been on two major topics: Facebook […]


How to Outsource Jobs and Get Results in Minutes and for Free

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for some time now. If you haven’t read the 4 Hour Work Week yet, I highly recommend it. The basic idea behind the book is to turn you into the head of the octopus. You make the decisions on the highest level, everything else you outsource. […]


Learning to Create Passive Income Using Facebook

I do a lot of experiments on Facebook. I build niche fanpages and then sell them products related to the niche. There are some great niches on Facebook such as pet niches or sport niches. Over time I have learned how to create fan pages for very cheap. I can get the likes down to […]


How to Build a Private Blog Network – Part 1 – Finding Aged Expired High PR Domains

I’m starting my experiment of building a private blog network. What this means is that instead of hoping people will naturally link to my niche sites (which they most likely won’t) or paying for links across the internet, I’m going to create several sites (hopefully in the end hundreds of sites) based on various niches […]


Learning How to Build a Private Blog Network

Okay, I realize I need to go deeper into SEO to rank my niche sites. They still might rank with the SEO package I outsourced, but if I’m going to build multiple niche sites and keep them safe from Google updates, I need my own private blog network. Pretty crazy, right? I’ve never gone this […]


How to Really Make Money Online – Address an Immediate and Pressing Pain

I ran into a friend of mine today who has asked me many times for advice about creating an online business. He’s a musician, married with four kids and very into alternative health. He always told me he could heal people with herbs and healthy eating. I figured, whatever, Jerusalem attracts a lot of strange […]

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MMOS 003: Facebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Make Money On Facebook

In this episode of the Make Money Online Show I talk about common Facebook marketing mistakes and what you should be doing in your Facebook marketing. I also look at a niche page that is making thousands of dollars a month on Facebook and explain how they’re making money. iTunes: Comments comments


WordPress Security Plugins to Help Prevent Hacking and Secure Your WordPress Sites

I wrote in a recent post about what to do if your site is hacked. Whatever happened to my site, I don’t believe it’s over. The server crashed (and I have a big server, so it doesn’t usually crash). I noticed I DID have malicious code on several of my websites. Some of it I […]

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My Site Was Hacked, Now What?!

I thought my site was hacked. It’s been hacked many times before. I have a dedicated server with over 40 websites on it. So, when I saw that this site was down, I quickly checked some of the others. One after the other the sites were down. Yesterday I found some malicious code on this […]

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What are Micro Niche Sites?

I’m continuing my education, as I recommended for everyone to do, and learning how to build small, cheap niche sites. The idea is to do the regular keyword research but instead of building a 5-10 page site with 750+ word articles and doing a large SEO package, to build a very small, 3-6 page, 100+ […]

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How to Setup A Website in Less Than 2 Minutes

I’m pretty sure some of the readers of this blog know how to setup WordPress site, but just in case you don’t or don’t realize how easy it is, I made a short video showing you how. I build all of my sites now with WordPress for several reasons. It’s easy. Just watch the video. […]

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Niche Variation Ideas

There are a couple of ideas I came across using the niche keyword research skills I’m using for the niche sites I’ve built (site #1 by the way is already at position 12 in Google and moving up daily). Here are the ideas: 1. Create videos based on niche words with an Amazon affiliate link. […]

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SEO in 2013: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

I got into day trading in 2000 and put everything into Dot Com shares. I took $30,000 and turned it into over $200,000. I thought I was a genius. I bought $1000 courses, watched them, applied the principles and learned to trade options. It was insane what I was doing and I never should have […]

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Want to Really Make Money Online? Never Stop Learning

The Internet is one big moving object that changes all the time. There’s always something new and what worked last year doesn’t work this year (sometimes even what worked yesterday doesn’t work today!). So, what do you do? You have to keep learning. I spend at least 40% of my work week learning new methods […]

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Niche Site #2 Finished

I just finished niche site #2. This was based on a high end Amazon product that sells on average for $5000. I made a comparison chart and wrote the content myself. I outsourced 4 x 750+ word articles and outsourced the SEO work. The articles take about 3-5 days until they’re done. I base them […]

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Outsourced Articles Received. They’re Amazing!

I just received 3 articles I outsourced to GetArticlesDone. They did an amazing job. They’re well written and in perfect English. It cost me $8 per 750 word article. I didn’t need to edit anything. I just uploaded them and I’m done. I’ll be outsourcing more to them. If you have other sites or people […]

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The Full Niche Building Process

I’ve written quite a bit about building my niche site and I just want to summarize the process. It was a little more involved than I first imagined. But now that I have the first site up and running (and amazingly after 2 days I already had 11 visits which is crazy since none of […]

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Researching Niche Site #2

This is just a quick post. I’m working now on niche site #2. This time I’m going to try to build a site that focuses on selling a high end product from Amazon. I’ve found something that sells between $1000 and $5000 depending on the model. There’s reasonable search traffic for these items, over 5500 […]

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Niche Site #1 Almost Finished

So here’s my update on niche site number one.  I am now writing the content myself.  I have a very simple and quick method for doing this in almost perfect English.  Built into windows seven is speech recognition software.  It’s actually what I’m using right now to write this post. Here’s my very simple method […]

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Ah, The Problems of Outsourcing Articles

So, as you know I’m working on creating multiple niche sites. I’m currently working on the first of at least three sites that are in the works. I hate to write (except for my blog posts!) so I went about hiring people. I started with Textbroker (NOT recommeneded) which I used to use in the past. Either […]

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Niche Site #1 – Domain Purchased, Site Built, Outsourced Content

Keeping you updated on what’s going on. If you don’t know me by now, I jump first and ask questions later, usually. It’s a good trait and not a good trait. The good part is that I don’t delay things for too long. Some people never get anything done because they plan and plan and […]