Not Using This Facebook Ads Targeting? You’re Leaving Money On the Table. [Flex Ads Case Study]

Using Multiple Interests In Facebook Ads to Get A More Targeted Audience I’m going to show you today how I use Facebook’s “Flex” targeting to narrow down my ideal audience and sell more (shirts). For years this was the biggest thing lacking in Facebook targeting was the ability to target more than one interest. For[…]

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The “5 Minute Trick” To Getting Leads Directly From Facebook Without A Website

If you’re not using Lead Ads to build an email from Facebook, you’re missing out. Facebook Lead Ads run in the newsfeed and can integrate directly with your email autoresponder. That means you can run an ad giving people a freebie offer in exchange for an email and they never need to leave Facebook or[…]

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Would You Trade 60 Minutes To Make $224.66 Per Day?

Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett show you how they make $6,162, or more, every month…with 60 Minute Paydays. They will show you a simple method for making money online. This is a real business, not a gimmick. It takes only 60 minutes to set up your first cash magnet. This is real passive income. You[…]

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How To Make Money Online Explained Simply

Making money online can get really confusing and overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ve been making money online since 1998, so I have a lot of experience. I’m going to break it down for you in 4 easy to understand steps. Step 1: You have to have something for sale. The great thing[…]

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The Make Money Online Show Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. I’ve been busy selling t-shirts. I was spending time explaining how I make money selling t-shirts, but then I got so distracted actually selling the shirts I ended up ignoring the Make Money Online Show. However, I’m reviving the show and the site. What I’d really[…]

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Facebook Marketing Explained Simply and to the Point

Almost every adult with a computer in the US is on Facebook. People spend an average of 10 hours a month on Facebook talking about their lives, their hobbies and passions. This is what Facebook was originally made for. It tried to bring the social experience of the real world to the Internet. In the[…]

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