MMOS 001: How I Made Over $569,742 Online

The first episode of The Make Money Online Show where I explain my business successes and failures and show you how I’ve made and keep making money online.

An Outline of Episode 1

About Barak Hullman

Born and grew up in South Florida

Eagle scout

Met Lubavitcher Rebbe

Rutgers College

University of Edinburgh

Israel on Kibbutz Shluchot

Princeton University

Hebrew University

Married to Noga

7 Children

Baal Tefila at Mayanot



Sales Talk Champion

Chasidic Stories


Editor of Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

Took over programmer’s job

Started getting freelance programming work for other professors and other parts of university

Started working in Delphi


Taught myself C+

Got job at Versaware in Visual Basic

Idea before it’s time

Laid off after a year and a half



Started in 1999

$100 to start in Mea Shearim

David Yohanan

Chaim Peretz

Selling Jewelry from fair

eBay Store


Jerusalem Everything

Started in 2000

Get off of ebay and stop paying fees

Still running today

Fairs in US ($50,000 in first fair)


Taught Spoken Hebrew and Challah Baking


Contracted Work for

Made over $70,000 a year for 12 years

After reading 4HWW started outsourcing almost everything

Still doing a little work for them, but work reduced in 2012



Based on Scriptlance

They sold the script for $100

I bought a template and built out the site

Total disaster. Money laundering, using the name “John”, some guy investigating me and claiming I was a fraud.


Affiliate Marketing

Started in 2003

Started with Webhosting

Was making over $15,000 a month using Google cash

Peak month was in 2006 at $60,000

I created over 2000 campaigns from 2003 to 2007

Stopped in 2007 because Google banned GoogleCash idea


Income Israel

First course in 2007 after seeing “The Secret”

Taught over 100 people at $1000 a piece

2009 created the DVDs

Sold hundreds of DVDs and I’m still selling them


See Find It

Started raising money in 2006

Had $1,000,000 investment that fell through in 2007 sold for $100 million to Google

Started in 2008

Based on which makes $10,000,000 a year from adsense ads

Peaked in 2012 at over $10,000 a month

I had an SEO team of over 20 employees on Scriptlance, Warrior Forum, WickedFire, Build My Rank

Panda/Penguin killed me


Trackback Collector

Started in 2010

Part of SEO effort

Turned it into software

Sold over 1000 copies

Constant updates and changes to Google made the software stop working

Paid John Chow $500 for review


Returned to Affiliate Marketing in 2011

Used Paul Prissick’s method

Made over $10,000 and I’m still making money from the sites I setup


Started creating products for Warrior Forum

Started in 2012

Viral Video Factory sold over 500 copies

Sales course, a flop

Schema plugin, a flop


Facebook Marketing Breakthrough

Series of interviews with experts on Facebook marketing

Inspired by Winter of Wellness

Torture to get interviews

Learned to Crush It on Facebook


Better Parenting Summit and show

Offshoot of Facebook Marketing

The Make Money Online Show




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