The “5 Minute Trick” To Getting Leads Directly From Facebook Without A Website

If you’re not using Lead Ads to build an email from Facebook, you’re missing out. Facebook Lead Ads run in the newsfeed and can integrate directly with your email autoresponder. That means you can run an ad giving people a freebie offer in exchange for an email and they never need to leave Facebook or even enter their information. It’s automatically done for them at the click of a button on Facebook. However, despite Facebook being worth billions of dollars, they haven’t integrated their Lead Ads with the email autoresponders directly. Right now if you run a Lead Ad it will collect the emails, but you will have to manually submit them to your email list, unless you have software like Leads Tunnel.

I’ve used lead ads to build my lists. I actually use a different software that costs a lot more money than lead tunnels. That’s why I’m recommending this.

The great thing about running Lead Ads is that you will get the user Facebook email which means that it’s a real email address. Also, you don’t have to worry about making a landing page or even hosting it. Using Lead Ads you can build a list without a website or a squeeze page.

Check out this case study and demo on how the creators of Leads Tunnel got 200+ verified emails within 24 hours:

Get the software by going here:



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