$83,283.03 In Profits From Selling T-Shirts on Facebook Within 43 Days (Inspired Yet?)

This is an image from someone in the Facebook marketing mastermind group that I’m a part of. I’m copying it here to inspire you and show you the potential of what you can do with a Facebook fan page. Listen to me, this is JUST THE BEGINNING. This is a huge, untapped market with literally billions of potential customers.

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If you’re on my email list (you can signup on the right side ==>) you got a link to the course that showed how to do this and other Facebook magic. This is all from selling t-shirts to different niche audiences. This is the power of Facebook and believe me there’s so much money out there for you and me to be making. I’ve spoken about this in previous posts.

Let’s just recap. You can advertise directly to people who like the pages of the niche you created your shirt for or you can build a fan page and advertise to them or both at the same time.

There’s currently a debate in the mastermind group on how many fans you need to make money. I have one page with 3,000+ fans and growing and another with almost 6,000 fans and growing. I’ve tried selling shirts to both. So far (within 1 week) I have 7 shirts sold to the 3,000 fans page and 62 sold to the 6,000 fans page (I’ll be at 6,000 fans by the end of the day today). The same person who posted the image that I copied above sold $18,000 (profit!) of t-shirts to a page of 21,000 likes. The potential is there.

Make sure you’re building a fan page and creating t-shirts for people that BUY t-shirts. Mercedes drivers, for example, probably don’t buy t-shirts about Mercedes cars. Yes, they love their car, but they don’t buy t-shirts. However, dog owners buy them and so do gun owners. These two niches have been over, over saturated since they were used as the example for the course where I learned this stuff (the course is closed, but if you get on my list I’ll mail out when it’s open again). There are many, many more niches out there. This of people who wear t-shirts or would want to express their pride or protest over something they’re very passionate about. Those are the niches making money now.

Right now it’s shirts. Soon it will be smartphone covers, hats, posters and many other things. As I mentioned before, a Facebook fan page is an asset.



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