A Facebook Fan Page is an Asset Here’s Why

I’ve been doing some heavy duty Facebook marketing lately. Let me tell you, if you’re a reader of this blog, you’re a lucky person. There are very few people right now who really know how to market on Facebook. Look at this crazy image below. It was taken today (8 September 2013).


Let me explain what’s going on here. So far I got 808 clicks for $6.00 (I say so far because it’s still updating. There were 770 clicks just a few minutes ago even though I’ve reached my budget of $6.00.). Let’s do the math:

$6.00 / 808 clicks = $0.007 cents a click. That’s a fraction of a cent per click. You can see the click through rate (CTR) is almost 45%. That’s insane! These are clicks and likes for a fan page. I’m not going to tell you exactly which page it is because I’m not looking to create my own competition, but this is a new era in Internet Marketing and you’re seeing it right here.

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m using a very simple but not well known method for building big fan page very cheap. I have a sweet guy I’ve hired on oDesk that works for $1 an hour (he’s very happy with working for $1 an hour!) to post content on these pages. As I’ve mentioned before, building a fan page requires loving care and attention or like a pet or plant, it will die. So, with each page that I build (I have over 20 at this point, but I’m only keeping the ones that can make me money and eventually grow virally) I need someone to take care of it. For this reason you want to pick your niches very carefully. My guy posts content for 2-3 weeks using the scheduling tool built into Facebook.

Then I monetize the pages with t-shirt sales from Teespring. I’ve mentioned this in multiple posts previously. I’m running an experiment now with direct ads vs. a fan page and the fan page is performing much better.

I’m investing between $5 and $7 a day in several fan pages. I’ve seen people with fan pages of 20,000 likes make $3000 a month selling them t-shirts and pages with over 200,000 likes making $15,000 a month selling them t-shirts. T-shirts are just the beginning. There will be other things to sell them and other ways of making money from your pages.

That’s why I’m saying that a fan page is an asset. The only problem (for now a small one, but this could change) is that you don’t own the page. Yes, you paid for advertising and you’ve put sweat, blood and tears (not really!) into your page(s), but ultimately the page belongs to Facebook and they could take it away at a moment’s notice.

So, invest in building a page with a very passionate niche that likes t-shirts (there are so many of these niches and the opportunities are WIDE OPEN) because these things don’t last forever. Before you know it everyone is piling in on the new method. Once you have a page of 20,000 likes or more, you’re on your way. The latecomers will have a hard time catching up.

Please post your questions below. Tell me about the pages your building. I want to hear what you’re doing. I’m here to help.



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