Barak Hullman

Barak Hullman

Barak Hullman is a successful Internet entrepreneur and teacher. He brings over 15 years of business, Internet marketing and computer programming experience, and over 20 years teaching experience to The Make Money Online Show.

In 2012 Barak interviewed the top experts in Facebook marketing. You can see the interviews for FREE here: FBbreakthrough.com. Since then Barak has been doing Facebook marketing full-time (as you can see in the blog). He also runs a Facebook Ads Management business at FBadman.com.

He has taught the popular E-Business Training course (www.IncomeIsrael.com) in Jerusalem, Israel to hundreds of successful students who wanted to learn how to make money with online businesses. The course was taught every year from 2004-2012.

He’s the author and instructor of the 30 hour, 8 session DVD E-Business Training Course which he has taught live to hundreds of students and sold thousands of DVDs worldwide. The eBay DVD is available at eBay-DVD.net

Barak is the creator of the Trackback Collector software which has sold over 1000 units. He is also the creator of “Schema Push Button” WordPress plugin.

He is the owner of the popular online Judaica store: JerusalemEverything.com.

Barak was the co-founder of FindAJobAlready.com a start-up employment site in the US, Canada and UK which was sold to investors.

He ran the web development for the largest Jewish education portal in English on the Web at Lookstein.org for 13 years.

Barak has created hundreds of affiliate sites. He has been one of the top ranked publishers on Commission Junction and has been a super affiliate on Clickbank.

He was the Sales Talk Champion (top salesperson) in the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage course in Jerusalem.

5 Simple Steps to Total Sales Mastery

He is the author of the forthcoming book “5 Simple Steps to Total Sales Mastery”  and has created several very popular online courses on Facebook marketing, Viral Video Marketing, eBay and more.

Barak holds a B.A. with high honors from Rutgers College, Rutgers University, an M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was a graduate scholar at Princeton University and The University of Edinburgh in Scotland while studying towards his PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

He served in the IDF in the Artillery Corps and is also an Eagle Scout.

Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, Barak is married, has 7 children and lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

For more about Barak, please watch or listen to the first episode of the Make Money Online Show.

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