Ah, The Problems of Outsourcing Articles

So, as you know I’m working on creating multiple niche sites. I’m currently working on the first of at least three sites that are in the works. I hate to write (except for my blog posts!) so I went about hiring people. I started with Textbroker (NOT recommeneded) which I used to use in the past. Either the prices have gone up or I was always getting ripped off there. I still have a $25 balance with Textbroker, but if I want a 5 star (meaning high quality) 600 word articles, it will cost me (currently) $43.85. That’s for ONE ARTICLE! That’s such a rip off, I never get a chance to spent my $25 balance.

Next I moved over to oDesk. oDesk is a crap shot. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I use oDesk mainly for administrative support (virtual assistant type stuff) and programming. It’s excellent for that. I posted my project that I wanted 5 articles of 600 words written at a high level. I had 5 applicants for the job and I hired 2. One from Egypt and one from the Philippines. Lately I’ve been hiring a lot of people with the name Muhammad. It’s either Muhammad, Mahmoud or some variation of the name. I guess when they say there are a billion Muslims in the world it’s no joke. I have to be honest, I’m always a little concerned because I’m Jewish and living in Jerusalem, but so far I’ve never had a problem.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be working out with Muhammad from Egypt. He finished the work super-fast. It was amazing especially when you compare him to the guy in the Philippines who has only sent me one article so far after 5 days. I went over the first article Muhammad wrote (and he has excellent, amazing feedback on oDesk, literally thousands of 5 star reviews) and it looked great so I asked him to write the other 4. I gave him the topics which are long tail keywords I generated using Long Tail Pro (which I’m starting to like more and more, although I wouldn’t trust it without using Market Samurai along with it).

He sent me back the articles within a few hours. I checked them tonight and they seemed very strange. He went from a somewhat good article to a total mess. This made me think he’s spinning the articles. Check out The Best Spinner and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Basically, spinning software takes the words and sentences and replaces them with similar words to create unique content without having to write it. It used to work great in the (good) old days of SEO, but now it will get you in a lot of trouble with Google. If you really want to spin something well, you need to spend a lot of time working on it and honestly, it’s just better to write your own articles or hire some. So, I wanted to see if he was spinning the articles. How? Simple, you use CopyScape. Copy and paste in the text from the article and it will tell you if it matches other content online. You have to pay for this feature. It’s $5 for 100 searches, which is really cheap and it saves you from a lot of potential pain. Sure enough, Muhammad cheated. He spun articles and they weren’t even good spins. So I rejected his work. Bummer. I was hoping it would work out with him.

Next I’ve moved on to GetArticlesDone.com. I’ve used these guys in the past, a lot. They did a great job and the price is very reasonable. I can get a 500+ word article for $6.00 with them and the English is excellent. It might need some editing, but it’s original content and they deliver on time. I couldn’t remember the name of the site I had used when I was doing my SEO work a few years ago and then I got an email from them reminding me they exist. It came at the perfect time and I purchased the work from them today.

I’ll keep you updated.



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