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I have about 200 people a day reading this blog. Thank you. I have limited time so I always debate with myself what’s the best topic to write about. If you’re new to this blog or not clear what it’s about (besides making money online!), lately my focus has been on two major topics: Facebook marketing and SEO (and also niche sites, which is basically SEO). I didn’t want to limit myself with the scope of the site since I am always learning new things. For example, I knew nothing about Facebook marketing last year. For the past year I’ve been experimenting with marketing on Facebook.

If you haven’t already, please go here to watch a series of free interviews with some of the world’s top experts in Facebook marketing. After learning the basics from these amazing, successful marketers I started testing the waters with my new skills. Everyone talked about spending around $1 per like, but I found a way to get likes for $0.01 a like. I built a fanpage for my wife’s future parenting business (https://www.facebook.com/betterparents). I paid 1 cent a like. It took some experimenting until I figured it out. Since then I’ve been using those same skills to try to make money on Facebook. Just a side note, I have plans on putting together a course to explain how to build massive Facebook fanpages for pennies a like.

You have these massive fanpages with 100,000+ likes and they need attention. It’s like having a pet or a garden. If you neglect it, it dies out. (Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: https://www.facebook.com/protectourgunrights) The nice thing with Facebook is they’ve basically gotten rid of the ability to build large organic pages from scratch. Why is that a nice thing? Simple. They let you pay for massive pages and that lets you build pages fast and cheap, if you know what you’re doing. But do you want to build a page for every product you want to sell? It’s kind of like marrying every woman you have a crush on.

There are many advantages to having a large fanpage. You have a captive audience. You can sell them products. You can advertise directly to them. But it limits you and someone has to manage those pages. I have one guy working for me in Bangladesh managing my Facebook pages, but he needs direction. I usually send him to a bunch of similar related niche pages and tell him to go back a few months and take the images and copy and copy it to our page (isn’t that why it’s called “copy”?).

However, you can advertise directly to either a custom audience (I’ll just tell you, it takes Facebook a few days until they start running your ads to the custom audience and from my experience, so far, it’s not as effective as advertising to precise interests)  or using precise interests. Precise interests are one of THE KEYS to success in Facebook marketing. It works like this. You target your competitors pages. So, for gun rights here’s my list of precise interests:


I’m paying around $0.04 a click right now because I’ve been running the ad for about 8 days. The ad has a 3.315% click through rate. The higher your click through rate, the lower the cost of the ads will be. The reason the click through rate is so high is because it’s targeted to the exact audience and it’s set to appear only in the news feed. You’ll get much higher click through rates in the news feed than the right hand side ads, especially if you make it something that people want to click on. That’s why the image counts.

I see that I’m getting a bit off topic. Okay, so what did I do? First I tried selling ClickBank affiliate products. I tried selling Survival products to survival nuts. No one bought anything. I sent 345 clicks to the product and no sales, so I stopped it. Maybe it wasn’t enough, but I don’t like wasting my money.

I started looking at other affiliate products to sell and then I started thinking about Cafe Press and making a mug or t-shirt to sell. Then I came across this blog http://marketingwithdon.com/blog/ where Don started talking about selling t-shirts using teespring.com. I realized this was what I was looking for. I started making t-shirts for niches. I started with the gun niche. I used the targeting above and linked out directly to my teepspring page. I’ll just tell you now, you won’t get 1 cent clicks by linking out off of Facebook. The cheap clicks are only for linking to pages on Facebook. You can see the t-shirt below.


This experiment didn’t work, as you can see. I sold 1. Then I tried another niche, Alvin and the Chipmunks. That also didn’t work. I didn’t sell any. I kept trying until I finally found a niche that worked. Since it’s still active and it took me a while to figure it out I’m not going to share the niche, but I’ll tell you what I learned.

  1. It needs to be a very specific niche, meaning a group within a group. For example, dogs is not enough. You can target dog owners, but you want to target owners of a very specific dog, Chihuahuas for example. I haven’t tried it yet, but Chihuahuas are on my list of niches to target. So, the more specific, the better, but remember there needs to be enough people liking the niche on Facebook to target them.
  2. I’m currently trying to target a very narrow niche of women’s rights activists who are protesting for a very specific cause. That has sold 5 t-shirts so far. Not a great success. The niche that has worked has sold 50 t-shirts so far at $17.99 each. That’s $900 in t-shirt sales in about 7 days!
  3. Make a separate fanpage for each item you’re going to sell. Here’s the page for the guns rights t-shrits that didn’t sell very well, but just so you have an idea: https://www.facebook.com/GunTshirts. People want to like stuff on Facebook. That’s what we’ve been trained to do. So, make sure to give them something to like!

I’m convince there are thousands of dollars to be made selling t-shirts on Facebook, it’s just a matter of connecting with the right niche. So far I’ve made about $400. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

The followup for this post is here: http://themakemoneyonlineshow.com/how-i-make-my-facebook-ads-for-selling-t-shirts/

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