Facebook Marketing (and Selling T-shirts!) – Building a Page vs Direct Advertising

There’s some amazing stuff happening now in Facebook marketing. I’m part of small, private Facebook marketing mastermind group where basically people share their successes and sometimes share how they did it. You know, we’re all trying to pay the bills marketing online so as much as we want to help each other out, we also don’t want to create our own competition. One guy in the group, the founder of the group actually, posted about how he is making money from Pit Bull pages. Here’s a link to one of them. https://www.facebook.com/PitBulls.loverz. With a page this big, currently 372,000 + (and growing, pages this size have a life of their own!), you can post t-shirts to the page and make easily $10,000 in profits from selling t-shirts to the fans of that page. You can probably make $10,000 a month with a page that big just selling them t-shirts. It’s true that eventually they will buy all of the t-shirts you could possibly come up with, but let’s look at why that might not be true.

The page is growing every day. A page that big could grow even thousands of likes a day, organically (meaning for free without any work). If you run Facebook ads to it, it could grow in the tens of thousands a day, even more. To make $10,000 from a t-shirt campaign you need to create multiple shirt options (t-shirt, tank top and hoodie) all at different price points. Let’s say the average profit per shirt is $8. You would need to sell 1250 shirts to make $10,000. If your page has 372,000 likes, 1250 is 0.3% of your fans. So, 0.3% (that’s 1/3 of 1%) of your fanatical fans would need to buy t-shirts from you in order for you to make $10,000. If there are new people coming to the page all the time, those are new potential customers. So, a shirt that worked well in the past, could well work again with your new fans. Realistically, you could keep growing the page and keep selling shirts to those people who didn’t buy before and your new fans. I’m seeing people in my mastermind group making over $35,000 a month using this method. This is passive income! That means you don’t need to make phone calls, you don’t need to print or ship t-shirts, you don’t need to be there (you make money even when you’re sleeping or not at work!) you just need to set things up properly and watch the money come it.

Now, it’s really not that simple because unless you do the following things, this won’t work:

  1. Crazy, passionate niche. Think gun rights, sports fans or pet owners.
  2. Money niche. Someone in the mastermind group recently made a t-shirt with a Martin Luther King (MLK) picture and quote. But no one bought them and he wanted ideas as to why. I told him he would sell a lot more to White Supremacists (Nazis) than supports of MLK. MLK supports are not passionate about MLK, but Nazis sure do hate blacks (and Jews! 🙂 and they would buy t-shirts telling the world they hate us. That’s a money niche.
  3. Something that works on Facebook. You need something that has fans already on Facebook. If you’re going to build a fan page (which I’ll talk about in little bit) you want to see existing pages, even if it’s for the official product.
  4. Something you’re allowed to sell. Don’t get sued. You can’t violate copyrights and trademarks with your t-shirts. So, don’t try printing Batman t-shirts and trying to sell them to Batman fans on Facebook.

There are 2 ways (currently) to connect with your ideal customers. You can do one or both. The first is build a fan page. The second is advertise to the fans of a page.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages and disadvantages of building a fan page on Facebook

  1. [Advantage] Once it’s built you can advertise for free to a very targeted, highly motivated customer base.
  2. [Disadvantage] You have to pay for advertising to build the page.
  3. [Disadvantage] You have to constantly post new content to the page. The can easily be outsource and you can schedule posts. When I outsource, I tell my guy to post for an entire month at a time.
  4. [Advantage] Can grow viral (organically, for free).

There are probably more of both advantages and disadvantages, but this gives you a general idea.

 Advantages and disadvantages of running Facebook ads directly to the sales page

I mentioned this in a previous post on how I make my ads for Facebook.

  1. [Advantage] You don’t need a fan page to make sales. Send people directly to the sales page.
  2. [Advantage] You don’t need to maintain the page.
  3. [Advantage] You can switch niches any time. Once you build a fan page, you’re committed to that niche, so pick them well!
  4. [Disadvantage] Very little viral activity. You don’t have a community. It’s kind of like paying rent vs buying a house. Once your turn off the ads, the activity is done. With a fan page once you build a large community (say 40,000+), it will grow on it’s own.
  5. [Disadvantage] Turn off the ads and you turn off the sales.

So, my conclusion is that you should start by advertising directly to a sales page and see if you get sales. If you see that you found a niche that buys t-shirts (and in the future other products that we just haven’t figured out yet), then after you’ve sold them some t-shirts build a fan page.

Please tell me in the comments below what you’re doing. I’m here to help!




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