Facebook T-shirt Sales: $1600 (Passive Income on Facebook)

Here’s an update on my Facebook t-shirt adventure.  My first successful t-shirt campaign ended today. I made $1600 in sales, $740 in profits. I spent $150 on advertising so my total profit was $590. I did this without a fanpage, advertising directly to the buyers using the method I taught in this previous post. You can see the image below from Teespring.com.



I can give you some more insight. I made sure to create a page just for the t-shirts so the bolded title on the ad would say “XYZ T-shirts”. That’s the name of the fanpage I created just as like a holder page for the t-shirts. People have to have something to like. You can see the image I’ve attached, that’s the link that people liked from the ad.

Then I would send a message to the people that liked that page every few days in the beginning and then every 6 hours the last two days and then every 2 hours the last few hours. I also posted the link and a message on the page itself which people liked. The message was:

7 Days Left! Limited Edition XYZ T-Shirts. $17.99. Get yours here ==> http://teespring.com/NAME

No one ever complained that I was making them nuts with the postings and every time I did it I got more sales.

My original goal was 50 shirts, which I didn’t think I would hit because sales were slow in the beginning. This wasn’t the first campaign I tried. The other 3 failed. I stopped them early because sales were so weak (between 0 and 3 shirts sold). You can tell if people are excited about your shirts or not.

When I crossed 10 I thought at least I’ll get my ad spend back, but then the next day it jumped to 21 and the day after to 28 and kept going until the last minute. I even had one sale after the campaign ended (which is something I was hoping Teespring would do, leave the buy button live for a while after the campaign ended just in case someone wanted to buy). I remember thinking if I got to 70 I would make $500 and that’s amazing! Then I crossed 70 and it was just icing on the cake. I was totally satisfied.

I told my wife that the sales were more exciting than the actual money. I’m happy to have to money, but it was much more fun to see the success. Passive income on Facebook is a totally new thing for me and it’s very exciting.

I learned several things, but the main thing was to find a niche where fanpages were already selling them t-shirts and give them exactly what they wanted. I found a page that sold 1000+ shirts to their fans over 6 months ago. I saw that people were still asking “where do I get that shirt?”, so I made a variation of it, even cooler than the original and then targeted those fanpages in the precise interests. It was for a group of professionals that have a sense of humor and like buying t-shirts. So, that’s why it worked, in my opinion. Now I know what to look for.

I hope it helps. Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them if I can.




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