Finalizing Keyword Decisions and Why I’m Not Revealing My Keywords

I’m in the process of finalizing which keywords I’m going to build my sites around. I’m going to build multiple sites. My plan is to build at least 3 if not more.

Why? Simply because I don’t know which one will work. If you look at Pat Flynn’s income reports, you’ll see he has one Adsense site doing great and 2 others doing fine, but not nearly as good as the first one. Knowing from experience it’s better not to put all of your eggs in one basket. So, I’ll be building a few sites. Also, it takes around 3 months to get a site ranked to #1 in Google if the keyword research was right and the content and link building were done correctly. So, if it does work, it will only be around 3 months from now until it’s really making money. And then what? Am I going to start a new one? I’d rather have 3 or more going from the start so 3 months from now (G-d willing!), I’ll have at least 3 sites making passive income.

I’m looking to do this as cheap as possible. I’ll be outsourcing everything: content and link building. I can setup the site myself. It takes about 5 minutes to do. (Note to self: make video to show how easy it is to setup a site these days.)

Some people have asked me when I’m going to reveal my keywords. I’m not planning on it for the simple reason that these keywords are worth real money and someone out there will most likely use the keywords to try to outrank me. That kind of defeats the purpose. It’s creating my own competition. I would like to make a video showing how I found these words. Another note to self….



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