How I Make My Facebook Ads for Selling T-shirts

This is a follow up on my previous post. I’ve changed the format of the page so all of the images will appear.

One of the readers of this blog, Sam Wright, asked “Are your ads simply just pictures of the tshirt with the price?” I figured I would clarify by showing you how I build my ads. By the way I’ve now sold over $1000 of t-shirts to my particular niche on Facebook. I’m very pleased with this. After several failed experiments, it’s nice to have a success!

Okay, here’s how I build my ads. First you go to the ads manager ( and put in the URL for the external site where you’re selling the product (t-shirt or other product).


You can see in the image below I put in this URL: It will automatically load an image of your t-shirt from TeeSpring and fill in the headline and text.


You want to make sure you have a “Related Page” so people have something to like. When they click on your ad, they’ll be redirected off of Facebook to your external URL, but they have the chance to click like and share. Then later you can go back to that page and remind the people that liked your ad about your shirt like this:


I’ve been sending a message like this twice a day to the people that like the ad. You can see that 82 people like the ad and say they want it, but only 2 have purchased it, so far. So, there’s clearly an interest, they just haven’t committed to purchasing.

Back to the ad. You’re going to see there are two options: News Feed and Right Column. I remove the right column since I find the Click Through Rate (CTR) is much lower and therefore the ads cost more. Remember, the higher the CTR, the lower the cost of the ads.


Here’s the text I use in the ad:


I talked about Precise Interests in the previous post. You can see how I setup the Precise Interests below. I kept the ads in the United States since this is made for a US audience. The age is 18 and over since I want people who will buy the shirts. Kids usually need to ask their parents to buy them something. I usually start the ads at 20 and above but here I made an exception. I don’t use Broad Categories almost ever.


Everything else I leave the same except for the pricing. I always optimize for clicks and start high, then lower my bids at the ads run. The goal is to get a high CTR. There’s actually a lot to talk about regarding bidding and how to raise and lower your bids, but that’s for another time.


That’s it. That’s how I run my ads. And while I was writing this I sold 4 more t-shirts. This is what I love about the Internet!

Please post any questions you have about setting up the ads below and I’ll be happy to answer them.



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