How to Build a Private Blog Network – Part 1 – Finding Aged Expired High PR Domains

I’m starting my experiment of building a private blog network. What this means is that instead of hoping people will naturally link to my niche sites (which they most likely won’t) or paying for links across the internet, I’m going to create several sites (hopefully in the end hundreds of sites) based on various niches with quality content on them to link back to my money sites. I’ll explain the concept of “money sites” in case you don’t know it.

You have sites you build links on and sites you make money from. The sites you make money from are called “money sites”. So, if this blog made money (which it doesn’t, at least yet), it would be my money site and any and all of the sites that linked to it would be created or linking back to this site for the sole purpose of helping it rank better and therefore make more money.

Okay, now it’s not enough to just buy a domain and build a website because that’s what you did with your money site. We’re using Page Rank (PR) as a metric even though it’s not nearly as important as it used to be. Here is the winning SEO link combination:

High PR (meaning 2 and above, preferably 3 and above) site about your general topic. If it’s “coats for pit bulls” so then the site should be about dogs in general, or at least pets in general. That site is aged. That means that it’s been around for a while, the longer the better. The site has links pointing to it from a long time ago, meaning the links stick and are from other sites that are also aged. We want sites linking to our site that themselves have high PR. The way the whole system works is Google checks the sites linking to you and the sites linking to them and so on until it reaches an authority site like If links to you on their homepage talking about the niche you’re trying to rank for, it will go a LONG WAY in helping you rank for that keyword. If you have a site that is linked to from for the topic you’re trying to rank for and then that site links to you (so, CNN => Other site => Your site) you will get some of that “link juice” from CNN, and so on.

So, if a high PR site with related content has links from other high PR sites linking to it and that same site links to your site with related content and you have several sites like that linking to your money site, you’re going to rank. That’s linking building in a nutshell. Since Google is trying to get rid of spam and other garbage and what it sees are quality sites, the best way to rank and stay ranked it to have your own private network of high PR sites linking to your money sites.

Step one is to find those sites. Imagine this: You build a site about jazz musicians back in 2005. People love the site. They link to it because it deserves to be linked to you. Around 2008 you say “ah, this thing will never make me money! I’m closing the site.” and you simply stop paying for the domain and hosting. The site disappears, but the links don’t. You still have a few hundred sites linking to your site. What if you could find that domain name, let’s give it a name for example “”, and register it. It costs $10 to register it and then you put it up on an SEO hosted server (which spreads the IP addresses of your sites around random locations so each site is in an unique place, this is called different C Class IPs), then put some content related to the original site on the new site and redirected any old pages to the home page. Now you would all of a sudden have revived a missing authority site that has other sites linking to it and you own it for $10. When the Page Rank calculations are done again (around every 6 months), your site becomes a PR 3, 4 or 5! That’s amazing. Now you use that site to link back to your money site and you control the high PR links pointing to your site.

Then do it again and again until your have an entire network of high PR sites pointing back to your money sites. I learned this technique from Hayden Miyamoto at this site: I started doing the work myself, but then I realized there’s no reason. I posted a project on oDesk and already have someone who said he’s been trained and knows exactly what to do. He started working for me today.

Alternatively, you can buy aged high PR domains on or here: but check them well, because there are a lot of ways to fake a high PR domain and fake having links to it as well.

This is step one: make a list of aged high PR domains. Step 2 is to double check them and make sure they’re legit and then step 3 is build a wordpress site for each domain, add content and send links back to my money sites. I’ll keep you updated as I progress.



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