How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement and Make Money From It

Facebook is great. There are over a billion people active and spending around an hour a day on Facebook. I’ve talked about investing in building likes to a page. This is a prediction: I think Facebook will eventually become more important to most businesses than Google. I’m sure that will require a future blog post, but for now that’s all I’ll say.

Facebook marketing is a process that most people don’t understand. It’s actually getting more and more complicated, which is why people are hiring me to do it for them. Here it is in brief:

Create a page => Pay for advertising to add likes to the page => Keep engagement high => Promote products and gather leads

Today I’m going to talk about engagement which is becoming harder and harder because Facebook doesn’t want users’ feeds to be filled with crap. They want users to love being on Facebook and spend more time there. If the Facebook news feed is filled with all kinds of spam or irrelevant content people will complain and eventually look for alternatives. Facebook understands they can’t just put EVERYTHING into the news feed. So, they filter the content based on what they think users will want to see and interact with.

Okay, now let’s talk about “talking about this” which most people don’t understand. I talked about it here. “Talking about this” is the engagement on the page. Engagement is simply: Likes, Shares and Comments. Get people to like, share and/or comment on your posts and your engagement will go up, so will your reach. Our goal is to get as many people seeing our posts as possible for free or for as little money as possible.

So, how do you get engagement up? This is the real problem you have now. So, you have 2 million likes, but hardly anyone is engaging. Here’s a page that contacted me for help. They didn’t want to pay for the help so they never got it, but it’s a good example of someone doing it wrong.

2013-12-15_225015They’re very proud of their 2 million+ likes and they should be, but look at their engagement (i.e. “talking about this”), it’s 80,875. That’s just 3.9% of the people who liked that page that are engaging with it. 3.9%?!! That’s it?!

They used to have more than 50% engaging. What happened? One thing: Facebook changed the way they push content into the feed. Now they want you either pay for people to see your content or you have to be very, very good at creating/finding the right content for your peeps.

Now look at this below. This is from one of my pages. It’s from my Truckers page I don’t usually like to create my own competition so I don’t normally show you my real ads and real pages, but I’m going to reveal this page.



If you don’t understand what’s going here, I’ll explain it briefly. There are 4,042 likes (there are a lot more now, this was a from a few months ago) and 20,582 people talking about this page and the content on the page. This is what you want. This is Facebook magic. You can see I’ve reached 284,565 with a page that has 4000 likes. That’s 7040% of people engaging with the page. A lot better than 3.9%, right?

What this means it that my little page of 4,000 likes has a greater impact on Facebook than the page with 2,000,000 likes because I know what I’m doing.

Okay, so how did I do this? It’s actually very simple. I gave my users exactly what they want to see. Since I gave a link to the page, you can see what content I post. I post content that goes viral. It goes viral because it’s what my users want to see. This is Facebook marketing in a nutshell. It’s actually all online marketing in a nutshell. You get people to engage and then you sell them products that they want, like t-shirts, courses or services. Just always make sure you are refining your niche as tight as possible and you’ll be successful with your marketing. This is where most people blow it.

Let’s look at the post that made this page go viral (I don’t feel 100% comfortable with sharing all of this but here you go):



This simple post went viral because it connected with what my audience feels. They are good, hard working people. They are the backbone of America and people don’t appreciate them. This post summed it all up for them. My users shared it with their friends and they shared it with their friends and so on until 275,968 people saw this one post.

Here’s another one. It’s not as hot as the first one, but probably most posts won’t be:



Again, this expresses what my fans feel. They feel unappreciated. When you post anything that says “Thank a Trucker” they love it. They also like funny stuff. This was posted a few days ago, so it’s still going viral. Here’s an example of that:



I have several other pages where the engagement is just as high. I keep doing the same thing, giving the fans what they want to see. There are other ways of increasing engagement such as running a contest and asking people to share. Here’s an example of that:



You can see how I came up with the design for that shirt, right? I just created a shirt based on the posts that were popular. That’s how I figure out how to make all of my shirt designs. That’s a huge tip right there.

You can also ask people to comment. Here’s an example of how I create my t-shirt designs by asking the fans what they want to see (I posted this 2 hours ago):



Then, of course, there’s always the cheap way of getting engagement. Like “Type this in and a shark will appear! (^^^)”

I hope this helped you. As always it took me hours longer than I ever imagined to write this post. Put your comments and questions below and I’ll be happy to answer them!




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