How to Really Make Money Online – Address an Immediate and Pressing Pain

I ran into a friend of mine today who has asked me many times for advice about creating an online business. He’s a musician, married with four kids and very into alternative health. He always told me he could heal people with herbs and healthy eating. I figured, whatever, Jerusalem attracts a lot of strange people. There are many, many natural healers in this city. He told me how he took my advice and started a website to sell a herbal product he created for solving a skin disorder. He has mentioned his website to me in the past, but I never gave it much thought. Then today he begged me to look at his site because he was having a technical problem with it appearing in Internet Explorer and could I fix it for him.

I used to do a lot of web programming, but I don’t anymore. Upwork is too cheap for me to do the work myself. I wrote out the entire outsourcing job post for him and told him to just follow the steps and I’ll help him pick a programmer. Then I actually looked at his site. It looked okay. He had a professionally made video that looked and sounded like a commercial on TV explaining what his product solves. There’s only one known cure for this skin problem besides my friend’s natural herbal product and that’s surgery to remove it. It always leaves a scar and women get this more often than men. I’m not mentioning the website or specific problem it solves because I don’t want to create competition for my friend’s business. He said he has a patent on the formula and there’s a large pharmaceutical that wants it.

Anyway, the site looked good. The product costs $39.99 for 30 tablets. I asked him how many he sells, he said about 10 a day. The math is pretty simple 10 x 40 x 30 = $12,000 a month! That’s 10 sales a day times $40 a sale times 30 days. I was blown away. He told me he doesn’t know anything about SEO and he gets all of his traffic from Adwords.

This is a guy that knows very little about Internet Marketing, but it proves a point. Address an immediate and pressing pain and you will make money. He’s already started other sites with variations of the disorder that his pills can cure. The pills are made in the US and shipped in the US with FDA approval. He lives in Jerusalem. He has a 24/7 voicemail to answer questions and he calls people back right away. Pretty smart.

This example is simple. You’re actually addressing a real and pressing pain and the solution is either painful surgery that will leave a scar or a natural herb pill that’s approved by the FDA. What would you pick? I would first start with the pills and see if they worked. That’s a $40 sale to my friend!  A pain could be your favorite sports team. People are crazy over sports or pets. They’ll buy just about anything related to it. They “have to have it!” That’s a pain. A pain could be professional training, a way to make money or how to get a license or pass an exam for your profession. There are lots of pains out there to be cured. That’s a sure way to make money online.



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