How to Setup A Website in Less Than 2 Minutes

I’m pretty sure some of the readers of this blog know how to setup WordPress site, but just in case you don’t or don’t realize how easy it is, I made a short video showing you how.

I build all of my sites now with WordPress for several reasons.

  1. It’s easy. Just watch the video.
  2. Google loves WordPress blogs (I don’t know why, but I also don’t care).
  3. There are hundreds of thousands themes, free and premium. You can have a beautiful looking website in seconds.
  4. There are hundreds of thousands of plug ins, for free!, that make WordPress a powerhouse.
  5. WordPress is very user friendly (once you get the hang of it!).

I’ve included a discount coupon code for HostGator. Use “makemoneyonlineshow” and you’ll have 25% off of your purchase.

By the way, I made the cool thumbnail using custom YouTube thumbnails.



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