Keyword Research for Niche Site Duel 2.0

I’m participating in Pat Flynn’s “Niche Site Duel 2.0“. The goal is to build a niche site, rank it in Google and have it make money from Adsense or some other form of passive income.

There are literally millions of niches out there. Here’s how the general concept works. Let’s say you start with the keyword “sports”. That’s very general. You want to narrow it down so you go to “Golf”. Golf is a sport. We’ve already narrowed down our niche to just one sport. Then we want to narrow it down further by saying “Golf clubs”. That’s still too general to be considered a niche site anymore. Maybe in 1995 it would have been a niche site but not anymore. So we have to further. If we pick a certain golf club and we’re very specific, such as “MAJESTY PRESTIGIO SUPER7” then we have a niche.

That’s the general idea. Now, we have to have certain criteria for creating a profit making, passive income stream from a niche site. It has to be a search term that gets traffic. Meaning, people have to be looking for it. We want at least 3,000 EXACT match searches a month. People often make this mistake. I made this mistake when I was working on and doing keyword research. Just ignore everything else when doing your keyword research and make sure you’re using EXACT match as your basis for seeing how many monthly searches there are. You need a certain level of traffic or you won’t have enough people coming to the site to click on the ads or buy the products there.

The next thing is you need a keyword from a group of people that will spend money. It’s either going to be the advertisers or the site visitors who will either spend money on ads or make money for you by clicking on ads. The same goes for products. You need people who will buy products and people who will have products to sell to that audience. So, if you do something totally random like “green grass on mountains”, it might be a niche keyword, but there’s nothing to sell to that audience. The truth is that if there is a lot of search traffic (say 2 million searches a month) but no product to sell, just that amount of traffic using Adsense WILL make you money, but that’s not what we’re trying to do here.

So, to summarize we’re looking for high search traffic (using exact matches), low competition or competition that we can outrank using SEO (search engine optimization), a product or ads that pay a reasonable amount and an audience that’s willing to shell out some cash.

From my Facebook marketing experience, if you want to build a massive fan page for cheap, you need a passionate community. They’re out there everywhere. What works best on Facebook, however, doesn’t necessarily work for niche sites. What works best? Hobbies, pets, guns, anything people are CRAZY about and willing to spend money on it.

There are a few ways to approach keyword research. You can rack your brain on Google’s External Adwords tool or use a tool like Market Samurai, or outsource. Right now I’m experimenting with Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and trying outsourcing as well. I’ll make a post on what worked best in the near future.



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