Learning How to Build a Private Blog Network

Okay, I realize I need to go deeper into SEO to rank my niche sites. They still might rank with the SEO package I outsourced, but if I’m going to build multiple niche sites and keep them safe from Google updates, I need my own private blog network. Pretty crazy, right? I’ve never gone this deep into SEO. Here’s how it works.

  1. You purchase expired/aged domains that have PageRank (PR) and valid links going to it. There are many ways of finding these URLs. I learned how from this course which I’ve recommended before. Bascially, there are people who did some SEO work or naturally had links built to their website and they gave up and just shut down the site. The domain expired but there’s still links pointing to it. As soon you buy the domain and upload new content (and do a 404 redirect using this plugin) the site will start appearing in Google again since all of the old links are still pointing there.
  2. You add real content to the site. You can outsource the articles. They don’t have to be very long. According to the course recommended above you don’t even need real content, just some YouTube videos. You links the pages together, keep the content relevant. Here’s our goal: relevant high PR homepage link to our niche site. So, if the niche site is fishing tackle then the site we’re building to link back to it should be about fishing. Imagine several high PR sites linking to your niche site? It’s guaranteed to work. This is exactly what Google is looking for.
  3. I mentioned this above. Put a link back to your niche site. The combination that always works is a homepage link from a trusted/high PR  site with relevant content linking to a niche site with relevant content.
  4. You host these WordPress sites on SEO Hosting sites which have different C Class IP addresses for each site. Basically, each server has an IP address. That’s how Google would know where you site is hosted. With SEO hosting, they spread out your sites around the world on different servers so no site is hosted in the same place. It makes it look legit. It actually is legit, except you own all of the sites.

In an ideal world you would be the only site in your niche and everyone would link to you naturally. Or you would have millions (or billions!) to spend on creating a brand and people would naturally link to you. But we know that’s not going to happen, especially if your site is a niche site that’s just trying to make some money to pay the bills! People naturally link to CNN or NASA, but not your little niche site. The truth is that after you’ve ranked in the top 10 in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and your content is good, people will actually link to it…naturally, but not in the beginning. That’s why we’re going to fake it till we make it with our own private blog network.

It’s a big step forward for me, but I’ve been Pandaed and Penguined enough to know if you’re going to do any SEO these days and you want it to stick, you need to own the links coming to your sites. It’s that simple. SEO is not complicated at all, it’s just not easy to do. But, as my father likes to say,  “if there were an easy way to make money, we’d all be doing it.”



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