Learning to Create Passive Income Using Facebook

I do a lot of experiments on Facebook. I build niche fanpages and then sell them products related to the niche. There are some great niches on Facebook such as pet niches or sport niches.

Over time I have learned how to create fan pages for very cheap. I can get the likes down to less than 1¢ a like. That enables me to build the fan page of tens of thousands of fans for few $100. As long as the fans are extremely passionate and there is a product that ties into the niche it is profitable.

Now, however, I am trying a new experiment which I’m not sure is going to work or not where I advertise an affiliate product directly to a niche audience. This way I skip the whole process of building and maintaining a fanpage and go directly to that target audience and send them to the product that I want them to buy.

This is exactly what I did using the Google cash method which is now banned by Adwords. I was making up to $60,000 a month using this method back in 2006. I’m not sure if it to work from facebook but it’s worth a try. I keep you updated.

If you aren’t familiar with Facebook marketing and would like an all encompassing introduction from some of the top Facebook marketing experts in the world please go to: http://fbbreakthrough.com. It’s free and it’s amazing!



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