Niche Site #1 Almost Finished

So here’s my update on niche site number one.  I am now writing the content myself.  I have a very simple and quick method for doing this in almost perfect English.  Built into windows seven is speech recognition software.  It’s actually what I’m using right now to write this post.

Here’s my very simple method for creating content for free, fast and in perfect English.  You bring up an article from anywhere on the Internet that’s related to the content that you want to write.  Then you bring up the speech recognition software and a new document to write into.  You read the first paragraph of the article to yourself then you close your eyes and simply dictate what you remembered from the paragraph into the microphone using the speech recognition software.  Sometimes a software will make a mistake and there are so you will need to edit what you wrote that you can write very quickly simply by speaking into the microphone instead of having to type everything out.

After you finish the first paragraph you move on to the second and the third until you get to around 550 to 650 words.  Using this method I’ve written three articles in less than an hour.  I prefer to outsource it and I have outsourced some of the articles to a higher quality company but I want to start the SEO work me to have some content on the site.

I am following the blog of Tung Tran at Cloud Living Journey.  He recommended an SEO Service that I’m using for the niche site.  It takes approximately two weeks for the service to complete the project so wanted to start now.

At this Point I’m going to write one are two more articles using the dictation software and then I’m going to wait for the outsourced articles to come in.  Once that’s done I’m going to wait and see how the SEO service that I hired works out.  In the meantime and I and start working on niche site number two.  The first up as with all of the sites is to simply check and double check the key word research.  Then you buy the domain and set up the site and WordPress.  Then you create some content or outsource and content and then you order an SEO package and wait to see the results.

My plan is to create multiple sites like this in different niches and to see how much money they can make.  I’ll keep you updated.



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