Niche Site #1 – Domain Purchased, Site Built, Outsourced Content

Keeping you updated on what’s going on. If you don’t know me by now, I jump first and ask questions later, usually. It’s a good trait and not a good trait. The good part is that I don’t delay things for too long. Some people never get anything done because they plan and plan and never execute. The bad part is that sometimes I get myself so deep in a project that there’s no going back when probably I shouldn’t have started in the first place.

I kind of go with  my gut, but in an educated way. So, I have 5 solid, well-researched niche keywords. I’m planning on building 3 sites for now and then if they work out (i.e., make money each month) to keep building more. As with any business based on SEO  you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. My free job board is a great example of this. A year an a half ago it was making over $6000 in total passive income and growing monthly, but then Google made their changes (Panda/Penguin and other animals) and the site was reduced to making around $200 a month. I learned my lesson. I was very aggressive in my SEO efforts and paid the price when the changes took place. So, I’m being much more cautious this time around.

Here’s where what I’m calling Niche Site #1 is holding. I bought the domain and setup the site. I’m making a short video to show how fast and easy this is with HostGator and WordPress. It literally takes 3 minutes to setup a site using HostGator (video coming soon). Then I made a nice little banner for the site (you can hire someone on oDesk to do this for 5 or go to and hire someone. I hired a guy on oDesk to write five 600+ word articles on the subject of the site.

As with any outsourcing make sure to check the freelancer’s work in the beginning. I’m paying $20 for these articles (which is really cheap) so I want to make sure I’m not getting any ENGRISH (that’s English for non-English speakers).

So, things are moving forward. I came across an excellent article on keyword research that I recommend you read. It really covers everything I would have said, but why rewrite it when it was so well done by someone else? Check out this article here:



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