Niche Site #2 Finished

I just finished niche site #2. This was based on a high end Amazon product that sells on average for $5000. I made a comparison chart and wrote the content myself. I outsourced 4 x 750+ word articles and outsourced the SEO work. The articles take about 3-5 days until they’re done. I base them on related keywords that I want to rank for using the SEO service. The SEO service takes 10-14 days so I order it even before all of the content is written.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. The plan is to build 2 more niche sites. I’m pretty sure I’ll build them based on Amazon since I like the idea of selling a product that people are looking for rather than creating an information site that people can advertise on. But, we’ll see. I’ll have to wait and see what works best. The smart thing to do would be to build 1 more Amazon site and 1 more Adsense site so I’ll have 2 of each and see what works best.



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