Niche Variation Ideas

There are a couple of ideas I came across using the niche keyword research skills I’m using for the niche sites I’ve built (site #1 by the way is already at position 12 in Google and moving up daily).

Here are the ideas:

1. Create videos based on niche words with an Amazon affiliate link. No need to build a whole site. Just create a video, upload it to YouTube, include your keywords in the title and description of the video and add an affiliate link to Amazon. If you don’t know Google is putting videos in all of their search results, usually on page one, usually in the top 5 results. So, ranking a video, for now, is very easy.

2. Instead of putting ads on yours site or an affiliate link, find a pressing problem, create a short (15-20 page) ebook on the topic and sell it for $7-$17. If the keyword is easy to rank for, you don’t need much content. If the problem pressing (such as “how to lower blood pressure”) and you have a solution, create a small ebook for it and keep all of the profits.


Both of these are just ideas I’ve come across in my research and education. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m considering it. I wanted to share them with you.



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