Not Using This Facebook Ads Targeting? You’re Leaving Money On the Table. [Flex Ads Case Study]

Using Multiple Interests In Facebook Ads to Get A More Targeted Audience

I’m going to show you today how I use Facebook’s “Flex” targeting to narrow down my ideal audience and sell more (shirts). For years this was the biggest thing lacking in Facebook targeting was the ability to target more than one interest. For example, people who love cigars and the New England Patriots. Imagine selling a shirt that says: “Today’s Good Mood is Sponsored To You By Cigars and the Patriots”? But if you could only target cigars or the Patriots, you wouldn’t be able to reach that buyer. Now you can.


I actually sold quite a few of these without flex targeting but it was a lot harder!

Now we all have the option to use “Flex” in our ads targeting. Here’s what it looks like (click on the images to enlarge them):


Click on Exclude People or Narrow Audience and you can add additional interests. You can see below I added Cigars as a second interest. Now I’ve narrowed the audience from 2,500,000 to 210,000.


Precise interests vs Broad interests

A little side track here. Do you know the difference between a “precise interest” and a “broad interest”? A precise interest is in lower case letters; a broad interest in uppercase. Here:


Look at the audience sizes. Broad will always be bigger than precise:


What’s the difference? Broad will take related interests. It will show your ads to people who liked pages closely related to the New England Patriots. The precise targeting will show your ads only to people who specifically liked the New England Patriots fan page. If you have a choice between the two, take the lowercase, precise interest every time.

How To Find A Super Passionate Audience For Your Products On Facebook

Let’s continue with the New England Patriots. Let’s say that audience is still too broad for me. Here’s how I narrow it down besides the obvious segmenting by gender and age. I’ll just explain that because not everything is obvious. To segment by gender and age you split your ads into ad groups one for Women and one for Men. That’s segmenting by gender. To segment by age you split the ad groups by age ranges, 25-34, for example. Here’s how to narrow down this audience. Start looking for related pages:


I add them all. You can see that I just keep going and going until I have a nice sized audience (200,000 plus) of people that like more than one interest:


If my audience is big enough, I can switch the top interest from a Broad to Precise to get an even more focused audience. You can see below I switched the top interest and now have a very targeted audience of 410,000 people. I can narrow that further by segmenting by gender and age.


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