Outsourcing for More Keywords – Hedging My Bets

I’ve hired a guy to do keyword research for me. I’m paying him $30 for 2 keywords with certain criteria.

2000 Exact USA Searches – $1.00 CPC (cost per click)
3000 Exact USA Searches – $.75 CPC (cost per click)
4000 Exact USA Searches – $.75 CPC (cost per click)
1500 Exact USA Searches – $1.50 CPC (cost per click)

I’ve decided to do 2 or 3 sites at the same time.

You never know which one will work. In the best case I’ll have 3 niche sites bringing in monthly income. In the worst case, I’ll have none. As I said before it’s all a matter of finding the right keyword. All of the rest is easy.

I hired this guy on oDesk which is use for most of my outsourcing.

Here’s the exact text I used for the outsourcing:

Job Title: Niche keyword research

Job Description:

I want you to research niche keywords for building an Adsense site around.

They should follow the following criteria:

At least 4,000 EXACT match local searches (in the United States based on Google).

I want you to provide the following:

Estimated Adsense income.

Is the keyword used in the URL of the pages listed in the top 10 of Google for that keyword?

Is the keyword used in the Title of the page, and the description?

The number of incoming links to those pages, and the quality of those links.

Page Authority


Page Rank

Anchor Text distribution.

Content on the competing page.

I’m looking for at least 10 niche keywords.

If you can provide one keyword and a short report, it will help me make my decision.

I’m looking forward to working with you.


I hope it helps. I’ll keep you updated.



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