How to Build a Private Blog Network – Part 1 – Finding Aged Expired High PR Domains

I’m starting my experiment of building a private blog network. What this means is that instead of hoping people will naturally link to my niche sites (which they most likely won’t) or paying for links across the internet, I’m going to create several sites (hopefully in the end hundreds of sites) based on various niches[…]

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Learning How to Build a Private Blog Network

Okay, I realize I need to go deeper into SEO to rank my niche sites. They still might rank with the SEO package I outsourced, but if I’m going to build multiple niche sites and keep them safe from Google updates, I need my own private blog network. Pretty crazy, right? I’ve never gone this[…]

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My Site Was Hacked, Now What?!

I thought my site was hacked. It’s been hacked many times before. I have a dedicated server with over 40 websites on it. So, when I saw that this site was down, I quickly checked some of the others. One after the other the sites were down. Yesterday I found some malicious code on this[…]

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What are Micro Niche Sites?

I’m continuing my education, as I recommended for everyone to do, and learning how to build small, cheap niche sites. The idea is to do the regular keyword research but instead of building a 5-10 page site with 750+ word articles and doing a large SEO package, to build a very small, 3-6 page, 100+[…]

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Niche Variation Ideas

There are a couple of ideas I came across using the niche keyword research skills I’m using for the niche sites I’ve built (site #1 by the way is already at position 12 in Google and moving up daily). Here are the ideas: 1. Create videos based on niche words with an Amazon affiliate link.[…]

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