Researching Niche Site #2

This is just a quick post. I’m working now on niche site #2. This time I’m going to try to build a site that focuses on selling a high end product from Amazon. I’ve found something that sells between $1000 and $5000 depending on the model. There’s reasonable search traffic for these items, over 5500 exact local (US) searches a month and very low competition. This will be an interesting experiment. If Amazon pays 4% on a $1000 product, that’s $40 and 4% of a $5000 product is $200. It goes up with more sales.

I have to do a little more research and make sure this is as good a niche as it seems. I’m working on that now.

Now that I’ve built 1 niche site, I have everything in place. I know which template to use, where to get the logo made, where to outsource the content (or write it myself if needed) and where to outsource the SEO. That’s the entire process. The main thing is the keyword research. Get it right, I’ll make money. Get it wrong, I’ll have wasted my time and money.



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