Selling T-shirts on Facebook Works!

After experimenting with different niches, I can tell you that selling t-shirts on Facebook works. I’ve mentioned in a previous post what I’ve done and the different niches I’ve tried. Right now I have 3 days left on my campaign (I extended the campaign because people asked for it!) and I’ve sold 75 shirts. The shirts cost me $10.15 each to make and I’m selling them for $17.99. That’s a profit of $7.84 per shirt. So, I’ve made $588.00 so far. I’ve spent about $100 on Facebook ads to generate the sales. I expect to get a few more sales in the next few days.

What I’ve learned is what I’ve mentioned before that you need a niche within a niche. That means you need not just dog lovers, but a type of breed of dog lover and preferably one that’s very passionate about their type of dog. The niche I’m marketing to has several large fanpages of around 100,000 fans each and I noticed that now each of those fanpages are making t-shirts for their followers. I know because they’ve left comments on my post where I’m advertising the t-shirt telling my followers to buy their t-shirts! This is a group that is passionate about their profession, have a sense of humor and like wearing t-shirts. It’s just like everything else online. You have to keep trying until you find the match that clicks and makes money.

Next week I’ll start trying some other niches. Whatever you do, avoid using anything that is copyrighted or trademarked. You don’t want to get sued.

I have to thank Don Wilson at for sharing some great ideas on marketing on Facebook and monetizing on Facebook.



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