The Full Niche Building Process

I’ve written quite a bit about building my niche site and I just want to summarize the process. It was a little more involved than I first imagined. But now that I have the first site up and running (and amazingly after 2 days I already had 11 visits which is crazy since none of the link building could have taken effect yet) I can summarize the process.

  1. Keyword research. Simply put this is the most important part of the whole process/business model. I started off using Market Samurai. I still use it for deeper research, coming up with content ideas (it will pull in articles and videos related to your keywords) and analyzing the competition. However, it is much slower than Long Tail Pro. I have to say, and I’m very surprised I’m saying this, Long Tail Pro is excellent and I’m using it more and more. Both are great. I’m lucky to have them both.Of course you can always use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but you won’t get the detailed analysis that you get from Market Samurai or Long Tail Pro. We’re basically making an educated guess on whether we can rank for a keyword that’s getting search traffic but the results are not what the user is searching for. So, the more accurate the guess, the better your chances are of ranking and making money.I want to go a little deeper with the keyword research and tell you exactly what to look for:
  2.  Use these settings: EXACT, Local search results. Local is the country. I’m focused on the US, so whatever software I’m using I set to English and US. Exact means people looking for an exact search term. So, “the make money online show” is an exact search, but if I choose broad it would be any combination of words make/money/online/show in any order. That makes a mess for us. We want exact searches. Nothing else.
  3. How many searches depends on how you’re planning to make money. If you’re using Adsense you need at least 2000 exact, local searches a month with a high Adsense CPC. That means if you have something that advertisers are willing to pay a lot to advertise, say $10 or more a click (and you’ll get around 60% of that per click on an ad that appears on your site), then 2000 searches is fine. But if it’s something that advertisers only pay $1 for, you need A LOT more searches (i.e., visitors to your site) to make money. Search for 5000 or more if the CPC is that low.
  4. If you’re going to use Amazon to put products on your site you need high paying products or you won’t make very much. They only pay 4%. So if the product costs $10, you get 40 cents. If it costs $5000, you get $200. It’s the same amount of work to build the site, write (or outsource) the content and do the SEO. So, don’t waste time on little sites with little traffic and little profits. Think BIG. Good traffic, nigh paying products.
  5. Analyzing competition. If you have a tool like Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai, it will make life much easier. Long Tail Pro will give you a “Keyword Competition” ranking. The lower the better. I’ve been finding keywords with a rank of 35 and below. It’s really a very good tool. I’m looking at the top 10 results in Google in the US. If you’re outside of the US use the SEO Global plugin for FireFox to make sure you’re seeing US results. I want to see in the top 10 no effort to rank for the keyword using onsite or offsite SEO. I want to see that the main keyword phrase is not used intentionally and that the site is not focused on my keyword. Then I want to check the backlinks (using the tools recommended here) and look at the “Juice links” which are the links that really count in ranking the site. The less, the better. I want a site that has 20 juice links or less. The 2 sites I’ve researched so far had between 0 and 3 juice links to them. Those are the basics of my research. Low competition, high ad value or products, reasonable search traffic
  6. Buy domain and setup site.  I have a dedicated server on Hostgator. My site needs a big server to run on and put all of my other sites there (about 40 sites so far). You can host unlimited sites using Hostgator for about $8 a month. It’s an amazing deal. I’ve used many, MANY web hosts over the years and Hostgator is the best (so far). You can’t build niche sites without a web host, so if you don’t have a hosting account yet, go to Hostgator and use the discount code “makemoneyonlineshow”. It will save you 25% off your hosting.
  7. Setting up the site. Use WordPress. There are a million reasons. Google loves WordPress. I’ve found that a site hosted on Hostgator with WordPress gets indexed on Google within a few hours. That means if you search for the exact URL of your site it will appear in Google withing a few hours of setting it up. I’m going to make a video to show you how easy it is to setup a site using WordPress on Hostgator. It takes about 1 minute to setup the site. Pick a nice template like Live Wire, add some plugins like All in One SEO and you’re ready to go. This is by far the easiest part of the whole process.
  8. Create content (or outsource it). I have an entire post on outsourcing content and an easy, quick (and free!) method for creating your own content. Either outsource it on Elance or oDesk or write it yourself using Windows built in speech recognition. Here’s my method again. Find an article on your subject. Read the first paragraph. Close your eyes and summarize it using the speech recognition software. Check to make sure it recorded the words correctly. Keep going until you get to 600+ words. I can write high quality articles about subjects I know nothing about in about 10-15 minutes doing this. Start off with 5 articles on the niche site. If it works (i.e., ranks, makes money) add more articles later.
  9. SEO. I have totally outsourced my SEO work to some guy in India. I know nothing about him. I’ve hired him based on Tung Tran’s recommendation (read the post, he deserves credit for the recommendation so I’m linking directly to him), the fact that it worked for him post Penguin (I’m a vegetarian, but thanks to Google I’ve come to hate Penguins) and that there are a huge amount of amazing reviews on the forum where I hired the service. It’s a forum that people don’t BS and if they post reviews showing results, I believe it works. I also understand SEO (I hope to explain why this service is well worth the money in the future). In short it has everything Google is looking for now. Order the largest package. There are discount codes posted throughout the post, so make sure to use one. The one I used was 20% off.
  10. Start working on the next site. It will most likely take a month or two to rank towards the top 10 in Google and probably closer to 2 and half months to rank number 1 if the research was done right (and that’s the whole point of this). So in the meantime, I’m moving on to the next site. My plan is keep building until I get to $15,000 of passive income a month.



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