The Niche Keywords Are Pouring In

I hired a guy on oDesk to look for niche keywords for me. He kept sending me ecommerce keywords which meant I have to compete with Amazon or Zappos (which is owned by Amazon) or eBay or some other big name site to get to number 1 on Google. That’s not what I was looking for. Eventually he came back with 2 real niche keywords with very little competition and high Adwords CPC rates and high Adwords competition. So, at this point, I’m happy with 3 niche keywords.

You know how it works, when it rains, it pours. Those two niche keywords plugged into Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai led to more low competition niche keywords. I’m only going to work on 3 for now and if they work out, I’ll move on to the other keywords.

I came across this amazing site for finding niche keywords: I found some people giving information for free PRO accounts. Just do a Google search for “uniches free pro account” and you’ll find the login information.

On another note, two things are in the works. I just did an AMAZING video interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. I hope it will be up in the next day or two.  I’ve also already recorded a video on how to get 2 cent LIKES on Facebook. Likes, not clicks. So, that means the clicks are less than 2 cents a click on Facebook. That’s pretty amazing. More on that soon.



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