What are Micro Niche Sites?

I’m continuing my education, as I recommended for everyone to do, and learning how to build small, cheap niche sites. The idea is to do the regular keyword research but instead of building a 5-10 page site with 750+ word articles and doing a large SEO package, to build a very small, 3-6 page, 100+ word article site with very little backlinking. I’m looking for ways to build smaller sites-faster and cheaper. Then after I see one of the sites ranking and/or making money, I can invest more in that site. I can add more articles, change the theme, add a custom logo/banner to the site, buy some Facebook likes on Fiverr and make the site more serious.

There are methods out there. I’m currently going through this course on making fast and cheap micro sites. There’s a lot of material and I’m going through it as fast as I can. The basic idea is to build a very small WordPress site with each page being a related keyword you researched and can rank for. You build each page based on the specific keyword and link it to the next page. Each page links to the next and back to the beginning. You link out to authority sites (this a common trend now in SEO, to link out to Wikipedia or some other authority site to show you’re not just about building a site to make money), add a YouTube video and then buy expired domains, put them on different C class IP addresses, build content on the expired domain and link it back to the micro niche site.

Let me tell you right now, if you don’t already know, there’s no easy button for making money online. And if, by some miracle, you discover one, it won’t last for long. So it might seem like all of this niche building is a lot of work and a little more complicated than you (or I!) would like, but that’s how it is. One good thing about Internet Marketing being complicated and changing all the time is that less people will do if it’s hard. Look at Facebook Marketing, that’s a royal pain in the behind. But that’s why it’s soooo good. When I talk with people about Facebook Marketing they either are clueless or have lost a lot of money and seen no results. It’s because Facebook makes everything so hard. Hard means less people will want to do it. Less people means more opportunities for you and me! So, don’t worry if it’s hard or complicated. Once you figure it out you’ll have a wide open field. It’s like coming out of the jungle into a huge open lush expanse sitting there yours for the taking.

I’ll keep you updated on my micro niche, fast and cheap building. It might be a better way to go. Build lots of small, cheap sites; find the ones that work, drop the ones that don’t. You never know until you try.



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