WordPress Security Plugins to Help Prevent Hacking and Secure Your WordPress Sites

I wrote in a recent post about what to do if your site is hacked. Whatever happened to my site, I don’t believe it’s over. The server crashed (and I have a big server, so it doesn’t usually crash). I noticed I DID have malicious code on several of my websites. Some of it I was able to clean up myself and the rest I had to hire an ethical hacker from oDesk to help me. After we cleaned up the sites I wanted to make sure to at least try to prevent this from happening again. So, I did a search for WordPress Security Plugins and installed a few. I wanted to share them with you. All of them are FREE.

  1. Sucuri Free. Sucuri is a site I’ve mentioned before. They’re very good and reliable and will clean up any and all of your websites if they’re hacked. I have used them before for about 10 sites. It cost a small fortune. When you’re in a bind, however, and you make your entire living online, then you’ll pay just about any price to get you up and running again. Lately, I’ve been using a particular talented Indian from oDesk to clean up my sites since he does just as good a job for a lot less money. I’m mentioning Sucuri because they have a free WordPress plugin called Sucuri Free. You can use this to scan your site for viruses, malware and other fun things that bored hackers setup for your entertainment. It will also give you one-click hardening of your site. I have it installed on this website.
  2. Better WP Security. I’ve also installed this plugin which will analyze your site and tell you where you have security holes that can easily be breached by a hacker. It requires you to make changes to your site manually, but tells you what to do. It also makes you very aware of how vulnerable your site is.
  3. WordFence. What, just 2 security plugins? No, three! Yes, I’ve also installed WordFence which is my favorite of the whole lot. It scans your site and has one click cleanup to fix any problems it finds. I’ve become a big fan of WordFence and have installed it on all of my WordPress sites. It has an option to email you if there’s a threat or if it seems like someone is hacking into your site. You can set different security levels as well. Of the three, this is by far the best.

If you have any suggestions for WordPress security plugins, please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear about them and I sure the readers of this blog would benefit from learning about them as well.



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